Series: “Traveling Mercies: On the Road with Paul" • Pastor David R. Stokes



Read: Acts 21:15 – 22:29


READ: Devotional


We have reached the point in the Biblical narrative where the Apostle Paul’s life will change dramatically. Up to this time he’s been a first-century “frequent-flier,” rolling up the miles.  But now he is on his way to Jerusalem to deliver a large offering he has been collecting for a long period of time. The saints at Jerusalem had suffered many losses.  And what will happen in Jerusalem begins the last chapter in Paul’s life, one that will end in his death in Rome. From this point on, the man will be a prisoner for Jesus.


Paul has been warned many times about traveling to Jerusalem. Every indication is that he will face much trouble.  But he is determined. He pushes through. He moves in the direction of the storm. He knows that being a “God-chaser” means you are also a “storm-chaser.”


I don’t remember where I first learned this—maybe back in college more than 40 years ago—but I find it so true. A serious follower of Jesus will be:


  • Completely Fearless

  • Continually Cheerful

  • Constantly in Trouble


And it takes the first two of these qualities to deal with the third.  The simple fact is that we all have future appointments with BAD NEWS. Sometimes it will be completely FAKE NEWS. The key is to build our lives on and around God’s GOOD NEWS.




  • How can we accept the idea of trouble without developing a martyr or victim mindset?

  • When was your best “trouble moment”—when you really got through something in a spiritually victorious way?

  • When was the last time you shared what the Lord has done for you with someone else?







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