Series: “Traveling Mercies: On the Road with Paul" • Pastor David R. Stokes



Read: Acts 23


READ: Devotional


I once read a story about the Lewis and Clark expedition to the west coast in the early 19th century. It mentioned that they could actually hear the roar of the surf from the Pacific Ocean more than twenty miles before they saw it.  Of course, there was much less noise back then.

Life is noisy these days. Downright load at times. Ambient and the most trivial sounds in modernity sometimes hinders us from hearing important stuff. Like announcements about danger, or the words of your spouse—and even the Word of God.

Yes, of course, James told us that we need to be doers of the Word and not just hearers—but the process does start with hearing.

I am convinced that there are many more things God wants us to hear from Him than we can even imagine. The problem isn’t that He doesn't communicate clearly, rather the problem is with our capacity to receive.

Remember the old English Bible thing, “He who hath ears let him hear?” It meant that our ears need to be tune in. So we need to only open the EYES of our hearts to Him—we need to open the EARS of our hearts, as well.

And the key factor is something called BROKENNESS.




  • When was the last time I really became empty of myself and surrendered to God?

  • If confessing our sins means AGREEING with God that sin is sin, do my “confessions” fall short

  • Have I let bitterness harden my heart and cloud my judgment?







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