Series: “Traveling Mercies: On the Road with Paul" • Pastor David R. Stokes

Today: “The PERFECTING Storm—Part One”


Read: Acts 27


READ: Devotional


Storms are real. They move through our lives with destructive force. They can’t be cured. They
must be endured.

When the Apostle Paul finally boarded a ship at Caesarea, a coastal town not far from
Jerusalem, his destination was the capital of planet earth at the time—the city of Rome. The
journey would take them across a significant portion of the Mediterranean Sea. It would not be
a pleasure cruise, but rather 276 sailors, soldiers, and prisoners would soon face contrary
winds, delays, frustration, and then a particularly fierce storm. The forces of nature would
converge creating what could be called a PERFECT STORM.

Not all storms have to do with the weather. Many storms have to do with very human
situations that challenge our faith and hope. Storms can blow through our lives involving things
like family trauma, rejection, problems at work, cultural chaos, and persecution. Storms come
in many shapes and sizes. They are not the norm, but they are normal. They are not every day
experiences, but they invade our space eventually. They also don’t last—they move on.

After the storm, we can evaluate what has been damaged and what has stood strong. Jesus
talked about the importance of a good foundation during a storm. The story told in Acts
chapter 27 gives us some very practical things we need to know when we are facing our own




  • Have the stormy moments in my life increased my faith?
  • Are there storms that we bring on ourselves?
  • How do godly relationships help us during storms?