Series: “Traveling Mercies: On the Road with Paul" • Pastor David R. Stokes



Read: ACTS 25-26


READ: Devotional


From his first day as a follower of Jesus the Apostle Paul was a man on a mission. He would refer to it as his “heavenly vision.” He knew his purpose. He was designed and destined to be a unique messenger to three primary audiences: his Jewish brethren, the Gentiles, and last but not least, to Gentile Kings.


It took him more than 25 years to fulfill that final purpose—being a witness before a Gentile king. That royal object was King Agrippa II—a “vassal” Roman ruler. He was the great-grandson of Herod—the ruler who had all the infants murdered around the time of the birth of Jesus. He was the son of the ruler who had James (the brother of John) murdered. He was vain and ruthless, but also a student of philosophy. He was also living in an incestuous relationship with his younger sister.


Pretty messed up.


It’s important to note that Paul’s mission was not self-promotion or self-defense. His mission was to preach the Gospel. This strong evangelistic emphasis is obvious from the record of his discourse before King Agrippa. Paul never pulled his punches. And as he gets his first shot at a real king, he rises to the occasion with a bold message about SALVATION.  


Even when Paul was forced to talk about or defend himself, he found a way to make it all about Jesus.




  • Have I ever shied away from a clear opportunity for witnessing because of fear?
  • Paul knew his purpose—do I know mine?
  • How can I make my narrative one that glorifies HIM?