Message: “ELEMENTS” by Pastor Lucas Johnson

Sunday, February 3rd 2019


READ: Mark 4:35-41 (NLT)


In Mark 4, we read the story of Jesus calming the storm. He’s spent hours speaking to the crowd on the

shore of the Sea of Galilee, teaching through parables. When he’s finished, Jesus says, “Let’s cross over

to the other side.” Jesus has a plan. Keep in mind this is a large body of water. The Sea of Galilee covers

64 square miles and is as much as 200 feet deep in some areas. It’s over 700 feet below sea level,

surrounded by valleys tucked below mountain peaks. The mountains are separated by deep ravines that

serve as wind tunnels, forcing cold air from higher elevations deep into the valley where it collides with

the warmer air over the water. The result is sudden and violent storms that come on almost without


That’s the situation the disciples find themselves in here in Mark 4. Jesus is asleep, and they’re

panicking. They wake Jesus, and - almost casually - he calms the waves, and questions why they’re

afraid. Jesus knew they were crossing the lake for a reason. When they get to the other side, a demon-

possessed man is living among the tombs. This man was utterly untouchable as far as Jewish custom and

law dictated – helpless, hopeless, out of his mind, and alone. But Jesus – what a beautiful phrase – “but

Jesus” – sees his need, casts out the demons, and sets him free.

See, Jesus knew the storm wasn’t the point. Don’t get me wrong – our storms in life are real, and they can

be utterly terrifying, but the point isn’t survival. Remember who is in in the boat with them. Of course,

Jesus can calm the storm – the wind and the waves obey his voice – but he didn’t come to calm the storm.

He came to save souls.

Jesus doesn’t take you out into the middle of the sea to drown you. While you wait for the storm to pass,

cling to the one who controls the wind and the waves - trust that he will uphold you, he will transform

you through the storm, and above all, know that he loves you.


  • Fear is Not a Plan – Our response to the unexpected determines our trajectory.

  • If we respond in fear we give all the power to the elements – BUT – if we respond in faith, then all power and authority found in Jesus will become ours to overcome the storm.    

  • Faith in Jesus holds infinite power and ultimate peace. Instead of allowing the storm to dictate our response to God, let God dictate your response to the storm.

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