Easter Sunday Message - April 16, 2017

“Four Things We Should Know About Christ’s Resurrection” • Pastor David R. Stokes


READ: I Corinthians 15:1-58


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central fact that separates Christianity from all other

religions and philosophies throughout human history. It is essential to the gospel—and it is

essential to our faith and hope.


This past Sunday—observed as Easter around the world—we looked in-depth at the

resurrection of Christ and what it meant, as well as what it means.


There are four words we should always associate with the Biblical record of that glorious

moment in time when the disciples of Jesus realized that he had vacated the tomb. Angels

almost mocked them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”




Over the centuries people have lived in futility by seeking the living—or how to really

live—among the dead. Dead philosophies, dead pursuits—and even, yes, dead teachers and

leaders. But we who follow Jesus are following someone and something very much alive.




This is what Easter is all about.


Actually, this is what every day is all about.




  • How has the resurrection of Jesus impacted my life?

  • Why is it important to accept the idea of His resurrection literally?

  • How can I make everyday a resurrection day in my life?


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