Series: LIVING BIBLICALLY in the 21st Century - Week 2

Sunday, June 10th, 2018:  “SURE THING”  


Read: Malachi 3:10


READ: Devotional


The second message in the series “LIVING BIBLICALLY in the 21st Century” is about our putting God first in our finances. It’s one of the most uncomfortable things to talk about in church, and one of the most difficult to wrap our minds around. But when we do—God can show us some awesome things!

I encourage you to listen again to the message from Sunday. It was called, “SURE THING.” Because when it comes to tithing and giving it is NEVER a matter of “I can’t afford to do it.” Rather, it is something you can’t afford NOT to do.

I rolled out our 90-Day TITHE CHALLENGE. You can find information about it here:

Now, I want to share a testimony from someone who took this challenge a few years ago and found it transformative. I share his thoughts with permission (name withheld):

“Coming out of the 90-day challenge, we did not see any major changes, though it appeared I was not only able to pay all the bills but had a real sense of peace that the Lord was now involved in our finances. At the end of the 90 days I actually looked forward to giving and looked for opportunities where I could be a blessing to others.  Everything seemed normal to me and I did not even miss the money that I was giving back to the Lord. 

It didn’t hit me until I started preparing my income tax return for the year that I had my first Wow moment.  I noted when I compared my prior year giving (which I thought was good) to my currently year, I saw that my giving to the things of the Lord had tripled.  I could hardly believe it and shared this with my children and my wife who rejoiced with me. 

My next Wow moment came when suddenly and without any notice, my military retirement check seemed to double.  I felt that this was a mistake for sure and I had better put the extra aside and be prepared to return it when they realize the error.  For several months, the increased amount kept coming and was followed by me receiving a large check which was back pay owed as a result of the error (on their part) in figuring my military retirement pay.  This has totally blown my mind as I realize that the Lord keeps ALL of His promises to his children. 

I have also learned that the Lord doesn’t want or need our money but wants our heart and if we will only trust Him in our finances He will pour out blessings from the windows of heaven and we cannot imagine or contain. His blessings go far beyond just finances but also include health, peace, joy, blessings and protection of your family just to name a few.  I have heard you and other pastors say that the Lord loves a cheerful giver but really didn’t comprehend what that meant until now.  I find myself actually getting giddy and excited to give.

“My encouragement to all those that hear and take you up on your 90-day challenge is that they will never be disappointed if they do it in faith because you really cannot out give the Lord.” 



  • Why is it so hard to trust the Lord in the matter of finances?
  • Has there ever been a time when I saw God work in my finances?
  • If you are not now a tither, will you consider accepting the 90-Day Tithe Challenge?




Want to participate in Ninety-Day Tithe Challenge? Grab a card this Sunday! They are located in the back of the seats in the auditorium. Then just simply drop them in one of the red boxes located at each door.