Series: “THE GOOD PLACE: The Case for Heaven”• Pastor David R. Stokes



READ: Revelation 21 & 22


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In the first message in this series, I talked about how the idea of “heaven” as we understand it

really refers to two separate, but related, experiences. I called them, “HEAVEN NOW & HEAVEN

FOREVER.” When God’s people die in this age, before the future promise of glorious

resurrection becomes a reality, they leave the body and are ushered into the presence of the

Lord. Many of our loved ones are in heaven with God now—but their bodies are still on the earth.


So, it’s a story, “to be continued.”


Right now, heaven is a home for souls. And as I reminded you last week, a “soul” is not

something you have, it’s who you are. You are a soul and you “have” a body. But one day that

will change and body and soul will be with the Lord FOREVER (I Thessalonians 4:13-18 NIV).


That begins FOREVER HEAVEN, described graphically by the Apostle John in the Book of

Revelation’s final two chapters. Rather than delve back into what I talked about yesterday, I

encourage you to go to our church website and watch it again. Then think about the following





  • What does it mean when the Bible talks about heaven and earth “passing away”?

  • What role does the larger universe play in the idea of heaven?

  • Who will be in FOREVER HEAVEN?


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