Series: “ARE WE THERE YET? – Life-Lessons from the Book of Joshua” by Pastor David R. Stokes

Sunday, January 20th 2019:  “GET READY Part 2”


READ: Joshua 1


We tend to think of courage as fearless acts of bravery, the kind of thing they write books and Hollywood

makes movies about, but the truth is, courage is much more complicated than that. Courage is more than

facing danger – it’s being afraid and doing the right thing anyway. Sometimes courage means having hard

conversations that leave your mouth dry and your palms wet. Sometimes it means getting out of bed when

all you really want is to pull the covers over your head and cry, and sometimes, it means opening your

hand and letting God hold take hold of what you’ve been gripping in a clenched fist.

As believers, the key is to remember this: God will never call you to do something he hasn’t already

equipped you for. Joshua was born in slavery and oppression. He witnessed the plagues of Egypt, he saw

God part the Red Sea and deliver the Israelites. He’d seen God provide manna from heaven and despite

their failings, saw that God never once turned his back on his children.

Moses tried to talk God out of calling him, yet when he surrendered, look what God accomplished

through him. I once heard a preacher say, “God can’t steer a parked car.” Did you catch that? If you’re

not willing to move, God can’t do anything with you nor can he do anything for you. You’re stuck in a

rut, and a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out.

What’s holding you back? Get ready. Open your hand. Open your heart. pick up your feet and start


“Take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you for your own.” Joshua 1:11


  • Get Ready for a Compelling Future

    • Review God’s plan – Joshua 1:3-4

    • Resolve to be encouraged – Joshua 1:5-6; Hebrews 10:25; Ephesians 4:29; 1 Samuel 30:6; Psalm 42:5-6

    • Ruminate on God’s word – Joshua 1:7-9

  • Use God’s word




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