Series: “BETWEEN THE LINES: The Inconspicuous Providence of God” by  Pastor David R. Stokes

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018:  “THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY”  


Read: Esther 2:1-23


READ: Devotional

Have you ever felt as if the whole world was against you? Well, in a sense it’s true. There IS a
very real conspiracy against us—especially as we try to live godly and righteous lives. The world,
our flesh, and the devil all do their best to hinder our spiritual formation. But there is good
news. There is also a DIVINE CONSPIRACY working for our good and God’s glory.

That’s right. God rules and sometimes He overrules—all of it designed to shape our character,
molding it into the very character of Jesus Christ (See: Romans 8:28-30). God is always in our
future. We need not worry about it—God is already there and He’s working on just the right
factors to bring about the best in accordance with His will.

There is no great Biblical record of this aspect of God’s work than the Book of Esther. And in
chapter two, we find a king (Xerxes) who is defeated and depressed. So those closest to him
devise a plan to distract him. In fact, since the empire has seen set-backs on the field of battle,
the whole kingdom could use a distraction, as well.

So they had a contest to find a new queen for Xerxes. It was pretty extravagant, and the hand
of God was at work—BETWEEN THE LINES.

God uses a man named Mordecai and his young cousin, Esther. He was preparing them for the
future. The future He’d already seen.



  • Describe how God has prepared things in the future for you.
  • Why would God use a man like Xerxes?
  • Were Mordecai and Esther godly people? Or were they just good people?



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