Series: “I LOVE MY CHURCH” by  Pastor David R. Stokes

Sunday, September 16th, 2018:  “WE LEARN, SEEK, & ADAPT: It’s About On-Going Growth”


Read: Philippians 3:12-15



The 2nd value we’re discussing as part of the “I LOVE MY CHURCH” series is:

WE LEARN, SEEK, & ADAPT: It’s About On-Going Growth

The Apostle Paul was someone who always seemed to be in a hurry. Maybe that’s why God had to give him a few “timeouts” in his ministry (read: jail time). But his energetic activity was very purposed. He was a man with and on a mission. He never stopped trying to do everything God called him to do, and be everything God wanted him to be.

He was ALWAYS growing. He said, “I press on…”, and talked about “straining” forward. In fact, he equated perpetual movement toward MATURITY as part of MATURITY itself.

Growth is the real deal. It’s more important than happiness, peace of mind, or prosperity. Growth is the ultimate test of authenticity and the gold standard for spiritual success. And when we talk about spiritual growth in a Biblical sense there are two kinds of growth we should be experiencing: PERSONAL & CORPORATE.  In other words, we should be growing individually and our churches should be growing, as well.

Personal growth involves the progressive experience of certain qualities. We find these qualities throughout scripture, but they are best described by the Apostle Peter in his final epistle.  

Church growth involves understanding God’s purposes in and through the Body of Christ in this age.


  • Are you growing?

  • How do you measure growth?

  • What does CHURCH growth really mean?

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