Series: The "S" Word

Sunday, January 14th, 2018:  Serving God in an Age of Entitlement” • Pastor David R. Stokes


Read: Matthew 20:17-28


READ: Devotional


The scriptures clearly point to the fact the God wants us to be humble servants for His kingdom and glory.  But pride gets in the way. We must fight our own egos every day in an effort to regularly follow Christ’s example when he, “took upon himself the form of a servant.”  It’s something we must consciously decide and do. Serving is not automatic. In fact, it runs contrary to our very nature—a nature that is inherently sinful and in need of grace and redemption.

But the struggle is not only hard because our very nature resists serving, it is further challenged by the fact that we living in a world governed by the spirit of ENTITLEMENT.  And it’s very easy to fall prey to the attitudes of people around us—people who do not know the Lord.

It may surprise you that the spirit of entitlement can rear its ugly head in our lives even as we grow and become more and more enlightened through the Word of God and a close walk with Him. Consider the case of Christ’s disciples—The Twelve. They had walked with Jesus for three years. They ate together. Walked together. They heard all of the Lord’s sermons and stories—probably several times.

They were ENLIGHTENED. But just a short time before the events surrounding the cross, the disciples descended from profound fellowship with Jesus to an episode of petty entitlement.  We can—and should—learn much from those knuckleheads.



  • Have I ever ignored an appeal for service in the church because I felt ‘overqualified’ for the task?

  • Have I ever been envious of someone because they got to do something I wanted to do?

  • How often have I been critical because of my own spirit of entitlement?