Series: “I LOVE MY CHURCH” by Pastor Lucas Johnson

Sunday, October 7th, 2018:  “We Are a Team Built on Honor: It’s About the Position of My Heart”




We Are a Team Built on Honor: It’s About the Position of My Heart

I feel that “honor” has become a lost art – it’s not dead, it has simply been replaced. We are living in a day and age where entitlement has become the expectation – that the more acronyms or degrees we get should determine how people should treat us, and in turn, we treat them. But God doesn’t see it that way.

You see, we are all vessels usable for the Master to pour out the Gospel. You were uniquely, intricately and beautifully designed on purpose and for a purpose. And as far as being a “Team Built on Honor”, we can pursue the core value by doing two things. First, We Honor the Father. (Read 2 Timothy 2:20-21). As Paul writes in his second letter to Timothy we see that the body of Christ, his bride, are made up of two kinds of people – those that bring honor to the Master’s house, and those that bring dishonor. It’s not simply a choice, it’s about the position of our hearts. If we position our hearts in close proximity to the Fathers, his authentic honorable nature and character will become a part of our own. How do we honor the Father?

  • We honor Him in thought: He knows them anyways – give them to him. Allow him to take all the weird, dark, twisted, anxious, depressing thoughts and redeem them! Renew them, exchange them with thoughts that bring joy, peace, and a place of refuge.

  • Honor Him in word: Jesus quotes Isaiah when he says “You honor me with your lips but your heart is far from me”. Let your worship and words match your heart.

  • Honor Him in THE WORD: Spend time in hearing the voice of Jesus through scripture – desire to internalize, not memorize.

  • Honor Him with your worth: God showed us just how much we are worth to Him by giving his son up to the cross – how much are we willing to give back to show Jesus how much he is worth to us?

Secondly, We Honor the Family:

If we stay in constant pursuit of honoring the Father, then honoring the family will be a cakewalk. Romans 12:9-18 shows exactly what it means to honor the family. Well, you might ask “who is the family?” And I will then say “I’m glad you asked!”, verse 17 tells us…EVERYONE! You and I do not get to decide who is a qualified recipient of the honor we should give – again, Jesus set that criteria when he died for every single person who breathes life on earth. This is your neighbor, your boss, your employees, your teachers, the guy in front of you in the DMV line… the guy behind you in the DMV line… EVERYONE!

  • We Honor Them in Thought: In your interaction with others, are you filtering your thoughts through God’s heart?

  • Honor Them in word – attitude of gratitude. Be delighted in honoring each other!

  • Honor them by the Word – speak truth and love into the lives of people around you. Not of condemnation or judgement, but of authentic, genuine love and compassion.

  • Honor them with your worth – If they ask for your jacket, give them your shirt too! Be eager to practice hospitality!


  • How would you describe the difference between honor and respect?

  • Do you feel that it seems easier to honor the father and others in times of celebration, or in times of crises?

  • Give one reason why you are honored to call this “house” your home?