Sunday, March 4th, 2018:  “Be Strong—Even if You’re Weak” • Pastor David R. Stokes


Read: Ephesians 6:10-13


READ: Devotional


There are many things in life we have to do even if we don’t feel like it in the moment. Sometimes we don’t feel like going to work. Sometimes we don’t feel like taking out the trash—okay we never feel like it. Sometimes we don’t feel like reading the Bible. You get the idea. If we only did what we felt like it’s doubtful any of us would accomplish very much. So we push through.

There’s a saying: “Fake it till you make it.” This means that there are times when we have to “act the part” even if contrary to our feelings. You smile and say hello—you shake hands and say “good to see you”—even if you’d rather be anywhere else doing anything else.  

I’ve got a better idea. Let’s resolve to “FAITH IT TILL WE FEEL IT.” In other words, step out by faith—that leap into the unknown realm of risk—even if we don’t really feel it. Guess what? That’s been working for the people of God for generations. In the Book of Hebrews chapter eleven, which chronicles great accomplishments through faith, we learn that some of those heroes didn’t start out “feeling it.” In fact, the Bible says this about them: “…whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.” (Hebrews 11:34 NIV)

Sure, we need God’s power. We need His strength. But guess what? He tells us to “Be Strong!” So, instead of waiting for some supernatural infusion of strength before we take action on some Biblical command, we “FAITH IT TILL WE MAKE IT.” And when we do this, God will, in fact, flood our weakness with His power. He just wants us to take the first step.



  • Have I ever been passive in my Christian life, waiting for God to show up, when what He really wanted was for me to take the first step?
  • What are some practical things we can do tap into the spiritual power available to us?





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