Sunday, December 1st, 2017:  "LET THERE BE LIGHT" • Pastor David R. Stokes


Read: John 1:1-14


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The various celebrations of Christmas in our culture inevitably include lights. People decorate trees—even whole house—with them. Sometimes it’s quite impressive. There are neighborhoods in most cities where such displays are so pronounced that people come by the thousands to view. We are fascinated with light—and drawn to it.

So, it should come as no surprise that the very first words ever spoken in the universe were about it: “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” (Genesis 1:3)

The more you study the things of God, the more you realize that the concept of LIGHT is essential to our understanding about Him—who He is and what He has done, and is doing.

In the first few verses of the Gospel of John, the Apostle describes Jesus as light (all from John chapter one):




  • How does Jesus, as the true light, impact the darkness of this world?
  • Why do people so casually reject the light of Jesus?
  • How can we demonstrate the true light in our lives?